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DUI Lawyer in Alamenda County

Facing a DUI trial is a notorious thing. You know you made very big mistake and you may end up getting a severe sentence and not to mention the criminal record that will stay with your forever. There’s no doubt you need the best defense you can get and for that you need the best defense lawyer familiar with this case.

Here in Alamenda County, there’s no better DUI lawyer than Louis J. Goodman. This lawyer has been dedicating his legal practice to people who need defense as they are facing legal charge. Mr. Goodman has been specializing in criminal law for more than 25 years focusing on criminal defense. He has comprehensive knowledge in this field of law and experience with the legal and court system in this county and that’s big asset on his side to make it a highly respected defense lawyer with high success rate. He has been defending many cases ensuring his clients get the best result from the legal process.

Mr. Goodman and his law office able to provide legal assistance since the time you get caught and in police detention. He will take care everything from getting a bail and looking for wider perspective to learn how the process done. Getting the facts straight is important factor in preparing the defense in court session or in negotiation a settlement. His team will prepare everything to make sure the court get the bigger picture. He is known to be compassionate with the client and will never judge you. He will give the best defense to make sure his client’s legal rights protected and more importantly, the case won’t bring worst consequences. Don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Goldman at his law office. He is more than welcome to hear about your case and will give his legal advice.